update on my sister-in-law


so yesterday I made a post about my fiance's little sister who is mixed and how her aunt started doing her hair and it's absolutely destroyed now. well my little sister (her name is hannah) she is spending the night at my house for the weekend. she was scratching her head like crazy and finally asked me to wash her hair for her. she hasn't washed her hair in a month because they never told if she could get her hair wet. Anyways I shampoo her head and I didn't even get a quarter of the dirt out and I kid you not we could hardly see her hand in the three inches of water that I had in the tub! it was absolutely disgusting. While I was shampooing and conditioning her hair I was asking her some questions about how they do her hair and such and she tells me that these women (the aunt taking hannah to get her hair done and the woman doing her hair) are telling hannah and the aunt she lives with that her hair will be straight if they keep her hair in cornrows for a year straight. on top of that she was showing me the back of her braids and they are literally caked with buildup and dirt it's awful. I can't even get it out if I don't take her braids out which was made very clear that I was not allowed to do. So I did the only thing I can do which was shampoo, condition and oil her scalp. I feel so bad for this baby cause she knows their doing her hair wrong but there's nothing she can do. small update: I had to mix lavender oil with some avocado oil because my little sister literally smells like a wet dog 😖 this is so hard for me to handle. here are some pictures..