She wants my blessing and support

My grandmother took me from my mother after I was born, to this very day my own mother doesn't even know why.  My grandmother was supposed to be raising me, but I saw very little of her. My aunt raised me as her own child. We all lived with my grandmother. At the time she worked, until my senior year of high school, then retired. My school years weren't the best, I was bullied, teased and picked on. Wanted to get involved with school activities, to make new friends, my grandmother denied that. I wasn't allowed to do anything, but go to church and school, anything else other than that was always no. When I started high school I tried my hand since she wouldn't let me do orchestra in middle school. A coach asked me if l was interested in playing jv basketball my freshman year of high school, I was for it,but when I got home and asked,she wasn't. I never understood why she said or told me no all the time. This sheltered life was killing me, I had no friends, no one to talk to or expressed how I felt. I wasn't even allowed to see or talk to my mom which hurt. My mom always lived close by, I always saw my brother in school, I would wave, when I did see him or hug him in the school hall. In high school we had classes together, so we were inseparable then, until we both got in trouble and I had to explain to my teacher to just call my mom instead of my grandmother, they were shocked to have siblings in their class because it's never happened. My brother and I had different last names, I had my mom's maiden name and my brother had my mom's married name, she married his father. Anyways, the teacher ended up calling my mom and all she could say was ok, we didn't get in trouble, my mom just laughed it off. So now,  I'm 28, no children, working my first job, purchased my first new car and still living with my grandmother. The time between has been painful, I kept and held alot in, still have no friends, but she fusses me out because I don't do anything.  I travel to see my other grandparents every once in a while. I had curfew until I was 23, but my boyfriend broke that for me, he never understood why I had to be home by 10pm, neither did I. He said as long as I was with him, I was ok. It worked out because he would work 7am to 7pm and I would work 6am to 4pm, so after his shift he would come get me and we would spend time together until we had to be to work in the morning. My grandmother wasn't thrilled, but I wasn't doing anything I didn't have any business doing. Shucks, no children, never pregnant and still never had a sip or taste alcohol, hmmm. When I asked my grandmother why she did and said the things she did, she denied it. I don't understand why. My father's mother,  my other grandmother still doesn't understand why and neither does my mother. My mother and father story adds up, but my grandmother doesn't. I've learned alot on my own, took sex education in middle school through 10th grade, my grandmother wouldn't talk to me about it. Only thing she talked to me about was when I had my period, fussed me out about basketball and my first job offer I recieved when I was 16. I wanted to work to save for college, by the time I graduated, there was no money for college. I did it on my own, I worked and went to school. I attended cosmetology school, a big THANKS to my mom, she helped me and of course I did her hair for free in return and free manicures and pedicures. My grandmother didn't agree with it, but I said I wasn't going anywhere unless I had my cosmetology license and I currently do now. I've been doing alot on my own because I had to start somewhere. I graduated last year with my associates last year and wanted to continue my education, yet I got fussed out for that too. I work on 1 income, I only bring in around  $900 a month after taxes are taken out, I've been trying my hardest in finding another job, been applying to since I 've been at my 1st job for over 6 years and nothing yet. Which brings me to now, my grandmother wants my blessing and support her today of becoming an ordained minister. How and why, I have no clue. I'm like you gotta be kidding me, after denying me everything earlier, telling me no, leaving me stranded at school events, while she was already home, sheltering me from the world. Learning the extremely hard way of life, when she wouldn't even look at me, or help me when I needed it most, I've been buying groceries with money I don't have and paying bills because she doesn't want to kick out money for them, making my bills late. Like you gotta be kidding me and you want my blessing and support??? I didn't say anything, she knew I was upset, 1 it was last minute and 2 she asked me to do her hair, I walked away and went to my mom's house and told her about what's going on. I said mom, this must be the far most worst dream ever. My grandmother isn't the same when she's around church family, another reason why I don't attend my old church. I don't understand anything!!!! Maybe it's just me, idk.