My only outlet

so I basically wanna tell the world that I'm pregnant, but ik I'm also supposed to wait till at least 12 weeks along. I took at test last week, and the positive line was like a little sliver; barely visible. Then, I took a test on Thursday and it was clearly positive. So we went to planned parenthood for like a confirmation test, and it really was positive. PP said I was 10 weeks and a day (as of 11/16). So I made an appt for my Dr. and she had me to some blood work and have an ultrasound done. The ultrasound was a couple hours after they had done my blood work, but my Dr. called me and had left a voicemail. She said she canceled my ultrasound because they would barely be able to see anything. So, I know that I'm not 10 weeks, but now I don't know how far along I am because she didn't say in the voicemail. All we know is that I am, for a fact, pregnant.