I just started working at bath and body works. I love it! It's a very easy and relaxing job while in nursing school.

Guess what though?

We have to throw out every single return. Even if they say they never used it! Some we squeeze out. Others we just throw in a 10 gallon pail for someone else to squeeze out.

I just wish we could purchase these. Hell for $1 or .10 or anything! I cannot afford a $16 bottle of 8oz lotion or an $8 hand soap.

Also, we have a flyer on the fridge in the back room letting us know that we are accepting donation for Harbor House. I used to volunteer there tons! They are asking US for donaions yet they are throwing away 100% of returns?

It makes me so sad. One pump out of a lotion isn't contaminated, but of course we haveto squeeze out even body creams in the tube. Even room oils still sealed we have to damage out if returned. This accounts for 10% of our yearly sales.

I am too scared to ask my boss if I could purchase these... because I grew up poor and hate waste. I'm sure they would say no.

Do you think this is rediculous?