Meal anxiety....!


So this evening I went for a meal with my friend and her family it was great but long story short her dad was drunk and he ate his meal then ran to the toilet to be sick! This would be fine but I have emetophobia (fear of sick or being nauseated) and everyone kept laughing and joking about how he could of been sick on the table or on his food!! I felt my heart get faster and faster and I felt like I was going to pass out or be sick myself so I said excuse me as I went into the toilets as soon as I got in their it all came out I was breathing so heavily and tears ran down my face!! I didnt want to be long so I took a deep breath dried my tears and strolled out as I walked out the door I felt like everyone was looking at me and that they all knew I had been crying but infact nobody even flinched so I calmly went up to the bar and got some water and joined back in the conversation!

This probably sounds stupid to most of you and you all probably think that I was really dramatic but actually I am so proud of myself because If I had been in that situation about a year ago the whole restaurant would of been aware of it!

Please let me know if anyone else has emetophobia or experience situations like this!! 👍