Why am I️ like this?

I️ feel as though I️ am quite immature for feeling this way and my feelings take control over me. I’ve been kind of sick as well as my 11 month old. We’ve been home all week while my husband worked late hours. Saturday came by, it was his daughters cheer competition which I️ was suppose to come to and wanted to. But the day before I️ felt really sick again so he said maybe I️ should stay home. I️ agreed. My daughter developed a cold in her eye, or a pink eye and now I️ have one too. Well Saturday came like I said, I️ felt better and I️ thought maybe he would offer me to come anyway but he didn’t. After her cheer competition they decided to go Knotts. I️ called my mom to pick me up As I️ didn’t want to stay another day home alone. I️ spent the day at my moms which was cool and my husband ended up picking me up around 8 o’clock at night. At this point, I️ was kind of annoyed. We only have one car so I️ couldn’t go home earlier and my mom was busy at the time to drop me off. He gets there and he’s nice, so am I️. But at some point I️ get annoyed at him and I️ don’t know why. When I️ think about the fact that they went and had fun, while I️ stayed back and didn’t get to do anything and neither did my daughter I️ was kind of pissed. This is very immature of me but I️ can’t seem to understand why I’m so annoyed at his. Today is Sunday and we’re home. Another day that we won’t do anything at all and another day that my daughter and myself will be stuck at home. On top of that, the night before his daughters cheer competition we were talking about my daughters pink eye. She’s had a cold so it’s viral. We’re not dirty people. And all of a sudden my husband tells em not to say it’s a pink eye in front of his kids because they’ll go off and tell their moms. He truly only cares about one of the moms which he’s getting along with now and all of a sudden he cares about what she thinks all the time. He doenst want her to know that my daughter has a pink eye. He didn’t want her to know I️ had an interview for Nordstrom’s because she works there. There’s been many occasions where we have to keep our mouths shut so the little 9 year old won tell her Mom. He cares so much about what she thinks and now I’m pretty annoyed. I’ve been mad for a couple of days. Am I️ wrong for this?