Really want some advice on TTC from people a lot more intelligent than me!


Ok so here’s my story. Had implanon in for 2 years and never had a bleed or anything at all with it in. Got married 2 months ago and we’ve decided to try for a baby. Had the rod removed 4 weeks ago and there’s been no bleed (apparently this is Norma) did a pregnancy test to rule it out and that was negative (fully expected it)

So I recently joined this app and have seen some amazing advice. But I can’t do anything until my period starts again. Boo.

Here’s where I’m stuck. I wanted to try and work out if and when I’m ovulating and so...I started to look at my cervical mucus. It’s looked the same ever since I hit puberty and I swear it never changes?

Tried to measure my temperature and it’s weird. I can’t work that one out. Wanted to get an ovulation kit but I’m wondering whether I’m supposed to wait to get a period first or what? Please tell me what to do. You guys are so great at this stuff and I’m sitting here clueless trying to work out everything. Thank you in advance ❤️