Getting back together


So my ex and I can’t stay away from each other even tho we’ve been broken up for almost a month. we still see each other more often then not and he says he won’t take me back unless I stop being friends with my best friend. He hates her so much cause they’ve gotten into so many arguments and she told everyone he didn’t satisfy me which is a lie and she was just being dumb and high when she said that. Also he thinks she’s a hoe and thinks she try’s to put hoe thoughts in my mind. she doesn’t and I met the guy that I fucked when we broke up from her but she didnt even know but he thinks she set it up when I told him a million times she didn’t. I love him more then anything and I really wanna stay with him but if feel like such a ba person ditching my best friend like that and I love her a lot too so if any ones delt with something like this can you tell me what choice you made and if you think you made the right one?