Okay so I’m 17 and I’m on BC and I’ve been having sex with this guy for a few months. We just recently started dating almost two weeks ago but a couple of weeks after we started having sex he was getting a burning sensation while peeing and asked me to get checked because he doesn’t like my last partner so I did and my doctor never gave me all of my results but gave me some and from what I have I’m clean. Things have cleared up for him so we aren’t sure what it was🤷🏼‍♀️ I started BC about three weeks ago and last night we were having sex and I started bleeding. I’m still 8days from an expected period but doesn’t BC stop that anyways? The point in this post is I’m trying to figure out what to do.. since I became sexually active with him everytime we have sex my body has some sort of issue. I either bleed or I start to get a smell it’s not strong but it bothers me and it puts a strain on me on my side of our relationship and it’s really embarrassing and I just don’t know if I need to take a few month break to let my body heal or if I need to see a doctor and tell them what’s happening but I figured I’d ask y’all first since most of you are wiser and more experienced.