I sewed my entire maternity wardrobe

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basically, I hacked off waistbands and made them elastic. so I have a slew of linen, and comfortable pants. (they sometimes slither down but it takes a second to hitch them up )

I also thrifted some silk/cotton sleeveless tops and I have linen button downs that fit nicely. A friend sent me 2pairs of tights and jeans in black.

and 2 pairs of black and white tees an tanks that go with everything.

I spent a lot of TIME doing all this and I have a nice collection of clothes I LOVE to wear that I more or less can keep wearing to breastfeed.

Last week, I bagged up the last of my clothes that I no longer fit in and realised that my wardrobe is a capsule of black and whites with some dusty florals and navy's and greys. it is exactly what I love wearing and I feel accomplished.

I spent about$200 on the stretchy cloth for waistbands and$100 for the tees.

seems like a lot but I like to think I was frugal. (am not going to continue working so this was the plan)