These are the healthy habits i am trying to stick to

Placebo • Picky eater, world traveller, plant killer, amateur sewist, gourmet cook, hygge fan, furniture rearranger, frugal satoralist, voracious reader, exuberant laugher, oenophile, aspiring SAHM

1) remembering and taking prenatals

2) doing stretches or just a 20 min walk at the very least every day

3) eating clean for breakfast 5days a week ( steamed sweet potato, or apple chia oats)

4) green smoothie for 10am snack (frozen spinach, peeled apple, cucumber, cilantro, chia, lime juice)

5) having one other meal that involves a salad

6) meal preparation and once a week cooking

7) remembering to stop and rest

pregnancy is very life changing. what else have you changed?