Advice please


So my fiancé hides his phone and I'm not talking about where he turns it face down on a table or something like that for example I am 21 weeks pregnant and we only have one bathroom he was talking a shower i had to pee really bad and so I opened the door he immediately jumped and ran into the shower with his phone ... so the shower was running with him not in it and then when I opened the door he took his none water proof phone and took it into the shower ... I asked him what he was doing and to hand me his phone he told me nothing and would not hand me his phone .... there's been a lot of hiding his phone under the extra pillows at the end of the bed and stuff like that but another situation happened this morning he never wakes up b4 me but today he did he didn't know I was awake and I saw him texting or something on his phone I asked him what was he doing and he just turned his phone off and put it under the pillow ... I know something's going on but I'm not trying to stress myself out because I have a high risk pregnancy and because it hurts so bad to believe that once again I'm being cheated on advice would help please 💖