What would you do?

So my boyfriend and I are long distance. Normally, he lives across the country, but is currently doing a work term only 6 hours away. We have 4 more weekends before he goes back to school and won’t see each other till February reading week. We had an issue in the summer where he kept changing plans to come see me. We talked and it all stopped. We’ve had no issues at all since (or before really). So a few weeks ago the company he’s working for told him they’re sending him to their office in another city (happens to be his home town) for a week. He planned to fly out so that he could go for two weekends. Then he planned to come see me the following weekend and I’d come out the next weekend.

Anyways, the company changed their minds and decided not to send him. He’d already booked the tickets but they said they’d reimburse him. So he planned to come see one of those weekends. And then decided to go to an event out on by one of the scholarship foundations that funds his education. It’s good that he’s going because it’s been awhile since he could go. The event would be the 3rd of our four weekends left to see each other. This morning the company told him to go to their other office and that they’d changed their minds again. So he’s flying to another city for a week. Since the tickets are booked already and he can’t change them he’ll be away for the next two weekends.

Well since he’d booked a non-refundable ticket and committed to going to the scholarship event he’s now going to be gone for three weekends in a row. Which means we lose on one of our last weekends together. We’ll see each other for about 48hrs and then not again until February. So I’m upset. But I don’t feel like I can be mad at him since he didn’t know this was going to happen. It’s his boss that keeps changing his mind and giving him really short notice on everything. There’s a part of me that wants him to cancel his flight for the scholarship event though. I just feel like it’s this summer all over again, even though I know it’s not the same. So what would you do?

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