Our thanksgiving announcement!


So myself and my boyfriend, my parents, my two children (Seth is 14 yo and Gavin is 10 yo) and my 9 yo niece, were just about to sit down and eat thanksgiving dinner. I told my kids, Seth and Gavin (both of which had no prior knowledge about my dad pregnancy or what the card said) to read this card to grandma and grandpa (my parents):

Gavin took the card and read it out loud exactly like this...

“So blessed. Hope that’s how you feel today, because you have another, WAIT, WHAT?! IS THIS A JOKE?!”

My parents are like, “what?!, what does it say?!, finish reading it!”

He reluctantly finished, “because you have another grand baby on the way.”😂

Then we were all laughing because Gavin was still just standing there, jaw on the floor, trying to process it.

My mom and dad both said congratulations and hugged us. My mom was crying also. Then she had my dad bust open the wine for her. We sat down to eat, my niece, Kaylee was excited and said, “I hope it’s a girl”, then her and Gavin started discussing names.

A little later we were discussing it more and we said the nursery would be the room next to gavins and Gavin was like, “the baby better not cry and wake me up at night!” My mom asked about how far along I was, when I said about 5 weeks, Gavin said, “wait, you’ve known that long and didn’t tell me?!” Then he was asking about how we know I’m pregnant and if there’s going to be a baby shower! 🤣 kids!