Am I pregnant?

So my boyfriend and I have been having sex pretty frequently. We had sex and started off without a condom but put one on a few minutes later. It was our second time that day having sex and we realized later that it was my highest fertile day. This was 22 days ago. I wasn’t concerned but when I was supposed to get my period last Sunday, I didn’t and then it came on Tuesday but hasn’t been anywhere like normal. Very few cramps and the bleeding was mostly a brownish color and light enough to only need the small panty liners. I did use a tampon last night but I’m still not bleeding much at all and it’s been brownish for 4 days and just now it’s somewhat pink. I haven’t really had any other symptoms. I pee a lot but I always have. I might’ve been extra hungry and tired but thought it was associated with my period. My period is always the same so I’m freaked out that it’s so different. My boyfriend and I are getting a test and we will do it tomorrow morning first thing. Any kind words of advice? I know it’s different for everyone.