Period was Due 11/20 but still no signs!!!

Meredith 👼🏼🙏🏼🌈💜

So little background on me.....

I am ALWAYS on time with my period, every 26 days there it is. BUT there was one time that I was over two weeks late,had a BFN, and then when I did get my period it was awful! Super heavy, cramps like you wouldn’t believe that I couldn’t even move, and back pain like someone just broke me in half. When I describe this some people tell me “You deff has a chemical pregnancy/maybe your body just couldn’t handle what it was trying to do”.

Fast Foward to a month ago.....

My husband and I finally decided,because it’s been a year, that we should start the process of checking out what’s going on. every year that I have had thus far has been perfect. I don’t have PCOS, I don’t have endometriosis, my uterine lining is great and my hormone levels were within the normal range. my husband gets checked this week so I will know more soon.

NOW to THIS WEEK......

I was due for my period on Monday 11/20 and have not gotten it yet! I’m too nervous to take a test because I don’t want to see a BFN. There are some things going on with me that normally do not happen......

1) I wake up have energy for about an hour then I’m dragging for the rest of my day

2) I have been having heart burn for the past three days and have not eaten anything out of the ordinary that would cauSe this and I NEVER get heart burn from food so this is bizarre for me

3) I have been quite moody.

4) peeing more then usual

5) boobs are tender

What do y’all think? Should I test? Should I wait? I’m just so confused and nervous