The abused horse.



Not naughty.


Free spirited, fearless, innocent and imaginative.

She is in touch with nature and even the most battle worn of creatures, they trust her, they know her heart, they love her. This horse had been beaten, starved and abused by “men” whom know no love. This horse was scared and nervous and the lady who rescued her was having a tough time with her, and so her owner called upon my small child.. and as soon as this small human laid her hand upon her nose and looked into her eyes, this horse knew. She knew that this small yet fierce little lady would bring her no harm and the connection was instant.

She runs free like a horse untamed, she smiles like there's no bad in the world, she fights for what she believes in like a lion, she's beautiful and wild like a wolf.

She's the most fierce creature I know and I love her for it.

She's known as the wild child and she's mine.

~Mother to a wild child.~