How long should I wait to visit?..


So I’ve been talking to this guy I met a music festival almost two years ago but a month after I met him I met my ex of two years and dropped the festival guy.. well now I left my two year relationship due to emotional abuse and me and the festival guy have been talking and flirting, last night I asked him what I meant to him and he said this..

So now I’m like okay maybe this guy is serious about me? So I was thinking of going to visit him (he lives about 10 hours driving and 3 hours on a plane) but I’m not sure if it’s too soon he says he really wants to see me and it’s not like it’s a weird meet up because I’ve physically met the guy before..

in the meanwhile my ex keeps trying to text me saying if I’m actually leaving him or not even if i don’t answer, oh and guys I left him because he doesn’t trust me anymore or believe me he thinks when I go to the store I’m meeting up with guys and if I send a wrong emoji to him it’s because I was gonna send it to the other guy so I’m just like