Help!! Had to supplement with formula for 24 hours now baby doesn't want breast


Hi ladies,

So I have been asking my husband who works in a restaurant to bring home restaurant degreaser. He finally did but brought it in a to go cup that had a straw in it. He had been out all morning running errands, and put the cup on the counter. As i wasn't aware it was degreaser i glanced through the lid and thought it was a popular drink called tamarindo, which I love so I took a drink.

Yuck it was not the. delicious drink I had expected, I immediately spit out then I rinsed my mouth and tried to induce vomiting with my fingers. That wasn't working so I drank hydrogen Peroxide and then began to vomit. Called poison control and they instructed me to go straight to the emergency room. The emergency room had to keep me under observation for six hours, they also expressed that I was not allowed to breast-feed for the next 24 hours . Now I've been till this point always breast-feeding, never pumped just the good old fashion breast-feeding. Well during this 24 hours I was pumping and dumping and feeding formula . Now that my time has past I've tried to breast-feed and my little one gets very frustrated as my milk is not coming out fast enough and wants the bottle. 🙁

So I've tried to pump to feed but now I'm barely getting enough milk while pumping and she's not wanting to nurse.

Please ladies any suggestions I'd really like to nurse my baby again . Do not mind pumping but I'm not getting enough to sustain her and would really prefer that connection with my baby that we get while nursing