Round Ligament Pain Anyone?

Athena • Hello. My husband and I were married June 10th 2017 and found out we were expecting on July 4th. We are having a honeymoon baby. Our little girl was born on 3/2/18. On November 7 found out we are expecting our 2nd. So excited

I am 25 Weeks this is my first pregnancy

Started few weeks ago

Sharp pain in my right groin depending on my movements.

But it would go away

Tuesday at 3am it started, sharp pain any position I laid in it was horrible constant pain. I had to gimp downstairs because I could hardly walk. Grab 3 Tylenol and got back upstairs. Took till after 4 to fall asleep.

Tuesday night before bed I decided to take 3 Tylenol and was able to sleep through the night.

Wednesday night before bed took 3 Tylenol again but at 315am it’s back same situation left Tylenol downstairs and had to go all the way downstairs trying not to fall again. Took 3 and wait for the pain to be numb enough to fall asleep...... again after 4.

Friday I work a long day 8-7 I sit at a desk and no matter what I did the pain was there from a 10 being the worst to a 6 where it was easier to deal with.

Last night again 3 Tylenol before bed heating pad only wrapped around leg and I left Tylenol by the bed 😏 still 330am here comes the pain

Work is calling her Demon Baby since it’s always around 3 🙄

Anyone else dealing with this. I don’t know what to do. I have a belly belt coming Monday.

I hate calling my doctor because I know this is normal thing that happens and I don’t want to be a complainer

Looking for fellow sufferers or any other suggestions?

UPDATE 11/30

My doctor suggested to try a belly belt which I’ve been wearing while at work

It really has made a difference. I haven’t had the constant pain. Still depending him I’m laying I can get a fast sharp pain but goes away fast. Nothing like before....hopefully that was the issue and my little brat will stay off that nerve lol thank you for all the comments ❤️ March can’t come soon enough. Just wanna hold her