Pregnant and Insane


Thank God I only have 40 days left.😂

My hormones are literally out of control. I feel like the biggest cry baby and bitch most days, now that I'm almost done being pregnant. I know "pregnancy" is not an excuse to act however you want, but damn these past few weeks it's like no control whatsoever. lol here I am 8 months pregnant, and I cry at everything, my feelings are always hurt, I'm so insecure about my body, and I'm quick to get angry. I've done really well this pregnancy compared to my other two. But man, I'm so over feeling insane. lol

and then on top of that, I was just randomly going through my husbands phone - and found messages (fb messenger) from 4 years ago between him And another girl lol, and pics. I had to dig to find them. Why was I doing it? I have no clue. bc I'm insane. I didn't accuse him of anything and I'm not even mad. I'm mad I found them bc now I am comparing myself lmao. The girl is blocked on his fb so it's not something recent. But I was just being nosey, he never cares. Sometimes it'll be me just sending myself pics he has that I don't. or going through old messages between him and I. bc he keeps everything. lol idk, I'm ranting. but I'm insane ladies. absolutely insane. And I'm not like this when I'm not pregnant. lol

please don't judge. and yes I trust my husband, that was not my purpose of having his phone. He was sitting next to me and gave it to me. He was playing the game and I was just on his phone while mine was charging. We have a open phone policy and no passcode. So it wasn't like that at all. I didn't even say anything to him about what I saw bc it doesn't bother me in a way of not trusting him or being suspicious. It just made me feel like the dumbass I am and sad 😂