Baby not eating

Stephanie • ❤️11/15/2016❤️

My daughter eats very little. When she was a baby on formula, the most she ever drank was 4oz. So she’s always been a terrible eater. We started solids around 6 months thinking she would eat a lot more but she will only eat a couple of bites of whatever we feed her and she’s done. Like she’ll have a couple bites of rice and a baby carrot and she refuses to eat more. Or maybe like half a nugget and three fries and she’s done. I’m used to it by now but

lately, she’s been eating less and less. It’s like she’s down to nothing. I dont know what to do. Please helppppp

Ps. She drinks whole milk and still has like 4 bottles a day. I want to wean her off of bottles but she eats so little that I don’t want to cut her milk