Bruise under eye, Help?

So I’ve just taken my makeup off to see how bad a bruise is and just look. No, I haven’t been punched, my partner is not abusing me. Basically, I’m at university and was getting drunk with my friends, one decided to go to the shop to get more booze. He came back and was messing around and opened a box of strongbow cider cans onto me as I was lying down on the sofa. One happened to accidentally hit my eye and that’s how the bruise occurred. My question is, does anyone know how to get rid of it quickly? Ice doesn’t seem to do anything and my mum wants to FaceTime on Monday and I don’t want her thinking I’ve been punched. Also makeup doesn’t hide it, I’ve tried 😓
UPDATE: I’ve now told my mum and exactly what I thought would happen happened. She went on for half an hour thinking I’d been hit 😂 Thanks everyone for the advice