I could scream 😩

Breanna • 👦🏽👧🏽🐶

Hubs and I have been TTC for a little over 3 years now.

Our son, who is 5,


was asked at school what he wanted for Christmas this year, to which he replied,

“I want Santa to bring me a baby sister”

This has probably got to be the hardest season in my life.

However, I refuse to let the enemy steal my hope and joy.

I’m praying that we are able to make Mikey’s wish come true for Christmas!

UPDATE: I was absolutely sick and tired of Mother Nature playing games with my emotions. I kept getting all the classic symptoms, waiting for AF to make her grand appearance, she had me trying to calculate days & prepare myself like

Just for her never to show at all. So this morning I decided to test expecting to see a BFN as usual but to my pleasant surprise

When I tell you, I screamed, I burst into tears

I can’t tell y’all how excited & grateful I am. I am so excited to be given this opportunity, and to furthermore make Mikey’s wish come true! 💜

I will be posting gender reveal pictures when it comes time. Stay tuned! 💕

Blessings & baby dust to all 💕✝️