I bled on his face 😳🤦🏼‍♀️


So i was at my boyfriends house last Wednesday and I had just gotten off my period. Things started heating up and I wasn’t bleeding. So we thought we’d be okay. WRONG.

Next thing I know he’s trailing kisses down my body and he starts eating me out. The first few minutes nothing bad happens it feels amazing, but then BANG! He looks up at me and theres blood all over his mouth, hand, and shirt!! I looked down at him and i turned red as a tomato.

I hid under the blanket for like five minutes. I couldn’t even look at him I was so embarrassed!

I kept poking out from under the blankets to look at him and everytime he’d say ”it’s okay, it’s natural”. Nothing about bleeding all over your boyfriends face is natural! Eventually he got up from the bed without saying a word and walked into the bathroom. Still laying there embarrassed he comes back in and looks at me. I’m thinking he’s gonna not want to touch me or he’s gonna kick me out.

He walks over to the bed and picks me up and sets me on my feet. Butt naked he hands me a towel and says “I’ve ran a hot bath for you go clean up baby”. Still embarrassed he reassured me that its okay and that I didn’t do anything wrong. I took a ten minute shower and then I walked into his living room in a towel just to find he was making me brownies!

After the brownies were done we cuddled in his bedroom and ate brownies and laughed about how I bled on his face.


Thank you guys!! I didn’t think I’d get this many responses 💕 thank you ladies for all the positive comments! And we just started dating but I’ll be expecting the wedding plans soon 🙃


Okay so it got even better, we were having sex early today and he went down on my and I squirted in his mouth 🤭😰 and it turned him on even more!!