fwb kissed me goodbye?


ladies this dude is so confusing. we've been fwb on and off for 3 years now just started back up again a month ago but he's acting different this time. introduced me to 2 of his friends, wants to sleep over and cuddle, buys me food when we eat after sex, we often find somewhere to park and just talk for hours and hours and he texts me almost every day (never anything sexual). This past week it's been getting weirder. he's been like half holding my hand..? we will just be sitting there and he will slowly slip his hand under mine over the course of like 5 mins and then grab lightly and rub mine with his thumb. yesterday I went to leave, we said bye and then he kissed me and literally out loud says "yes I'm kissing you goodbye..." he has never done that in 3 years, that man does NOT kiss goodbye. what the ffff?? help please lol