baby came early!!!

So my day started at 4am. I felt like I had to pee and got up. On the toilet there was a huge gush. I yelled for my husband and told him I thought my water broke, he tried to inform me that I was peeing 🤪 like I wouldn’t know! When he finally believed me I told him to get me a period pad so we could go the the hospital and he brought me a breast pad in his haste lol. Funny now. I was only 36 weeks and we hadn’t packed a hospital bag or anything! House was also a disaster from thanksgiving the day before. 
We rush to the hospital and they check me and I’m only 1 cm. Because I ruptured they started pitocin to hurry up the process. After 4 hours I cried uncle and asked for the epidural. NOT BAD AT ALL LADIES. Doesn’t hurt and helped so much. After the epidural they check me again. Only at 2cm!! Ugh. 
Fell asleep thinking this was going to be a horribly long labor. At 12 woke up to pressure, they checked me and I was 10cm +2 ready to push. I was 100% numb but apparently a good pusher. Pushed for 30 minutes and he was born!!! We are so in love with our 7lb 5oz 36 weeks old! I think they got my dates wrong he’s too big for a 36 weeker. Little Wyatt!