Beyond frustrated


My mom has officially walked out of my life starting today after I got a phone call from her saying she is walking away. We haven't had a good relationship anyways but I am pregnant with the first grandchild and she wants nothing to do with him and has deleted me off fb and has done nothing. I am 21 and my fiancé is also 21 is started during June when she started drama and made lies about mine and my fiancée finances when she had no idea what she was talking about and we have never asked her to pay for anything or to borrow money. Matter of fact she asked me and my fiancé for money multiple times and doesn't work and never has, depends on my stepdads money. She has mentally been abusive my whole life. I've been called every name in the book, she has kicked me out because I was late for work and she wanted to argue and has texted me at work saying my stuff was packed and I no longer lived there. She's stolen my sisters adhd pills and taken them for her self chucked water bottles at our heads and everything but we are the bad guys in our family because she makes post like she's the greatest person in the world. She recently just kicked my sister out for no reason when she was visiting a friend and told her no one wanted her home. Now she blocked both me and my sister on every social media website and she has no way to see her grandson it really upsets me that he'll have one less grandma in his life.