5 lbs left and DAMN PROUD 185➡️140

M. 🌻 • PCOS & Pregnant with our rainbow 🌈❣️🌻


for everyone asking what my routine is or what I do this is it:

When I started I did a diet called the “Whole30”, it’s pretty much where you don’t eat anything that isn’t from the earth (look it up if you’re interested). That initially got rid of my cravings for random things (like cereal, pop tarts, little debbie’s, etc). I have never done a high protein diet and never will because if you look it up it can take a horrible toll on your body. I am actually now a vegetarian & eat EXTREMELY clean, again I don’t crave random things anymore, and I quit drinking (I found out I was polycystic & the meds make me sick when I drink so that helps).



Workout routine- I try to go to the gym at least 4 days a week & when I go I start with 20 minutes of cardio & then pair it with what day it is.

Like leg day, arm day, or core. Then I rotate according to what is still sore so I don’t fatigue my muscles.

But you DONT need a gym membership to get healthy, that’s just what worked for me.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the compliments and and kind words! ❤️❤️❤️ The only advice besides just live a healthy lifestyle is that this was all mental, I tried before to get fit and failed so many times until I was MENTALLY ready to be a healthier me. YOU CAN DO IT 💪🏼

Another update::

It will be a year in February since I began my weight loss journey! For everyone who’s asking 😊