mamas boy

it bugs me that every photo I take, every first milestone and every cute moment we capture on video, the first thing my husband will say is,"Can you send that to my parents?". I understand hes their only child and my in laws are disgustingly obsessed with our children. We fight about boundaries often. When they used to live near us, theyd complain and mil would say shes falling into depression again if they couldnt see us 3-4 times a week. Now that they moved overseas for fils work, they have to facetime everyday. Mil calls husband 2-3 times a day for updates on our kids. Theyre incredibly overbearing. They still manage to visit every 3 months for as long as they want.Even though international flights are expensive.. they wont even tell us how long they plan to stay at our house during their visit. We have to be with them 24/7 when they do. I hate them. Theyre so desperately needy and think that they always need to be included in everything. Fil has this saying that since our kids share his last name, theyre technically his. He tells my mom she doesnt matter in mu kids' lives because she doesnt share their last name. They come over and just sit there in our living room for hours holding the baby and refuse to give me her back when I have to breastfeed. All they do is talk about how the baby only looks like their side of the family.. which is NOT TRUE. For example.. I have curly hair and all of husbands family has straight hair. my baby has curly hair.. Fil says its because he THINKS his great grandmother had curly hair! My mom once put an apron on my son for Thanksgiving at her house which my in laws invited themselves to and my fil said.. how dare you put that on my grandson. He said it as a joke put I wanted to throw a meat thermometer at him when he said it lol. Mil is bipolar. my fil and husband baby her because she wants attention 24/7. on our honeymoon, she checked herseld into the hospital. because of the flu. they kicked her out because it was nothingbut she made a big deal about us not coming back earlier even though she waa hospitalized Ugh. I love my husband but my in laws make me find him less attractive.