Okay so i’m a 16 year old girl who has currently been in a committed relationship for just over half a year. As naive as it sounds right now i trust him and my family accept him and i’m loved with his family.

Problem arises where my mum found my contraceptive pill in my coat pocket and has accused me of having sex in a calm manner.

I refused the idea that i am currently sexually actively and said that i attained it from my doctors to regulate my periods, my periods honestly being lengths of either 15 days or 40, not to avoid getting pregnant.

what i’m wondering is whether my mum can contact the doctor and ask the real reasoning of why i have the pill. Does anyone know? My doctor and i have spoken about it being confidential i’m just a worried there may be a slip of the tongue if my mum were to ask him.

PLEASE HELP MY MINDS RACING; if my parents find out the truth they will most likely ban me from being with him and right now i’m the happiest i’ve ever been.