His promises , acting like he was going to be there . He just showed his true colours , I'm so distraught . I sent him a straight up message cause he's been showing that nothing on my end matters . And it's not right , for God sake I'm pregnant with your child , your SON. Why treat me like I'm non existent and have the most to say when I bring certain this up . I'm so fucking hurt , depressed. I'm so depressed I'm trying to be strong for my babyboy . Really am , but all the hurt and pain he caused has built up to me finally just saying " fuck you" literally . Why would I put my energy into him when I'm the one chasing him down. I've asked to spend time with him on numerous occasions and all he says is he'll try . What the fuck do you have to try... He makes it seem like it's an hassle , a. Burden . He's in a better position now so who gives a fuck about Honey . All I ever asked for was support . Nothing , nothing at all has he done to show me . Sad how he's going to play victim now .