Easy @ Home brand, MUST READ

Willow • Chemical pregnancy 11/2017. Pregnant with baby #1 due August 2018! 😍🤰😍

I have been bragging about how great the easy at home brand has been from amazon. I had GREAT success with the ovulation strips. I just decided to try a few different pregnancy tests to see what the lines would look like. The easy at home looks negative, when I already know I am pregnant (verified with blood work.) I took all 3 tests at the exact SAME TIME. I think the results are sad because they may give people a lot of disappointment since they may think their tests are negative, when really, they may not be. So use the pregnancy test strips with caution! I still stand by their ovulation strips though. I used them with ease and got perfect readings that showed positive LH that coincided with fertile EWCM.