1 month old swallowed soapy bath water. Freaking out!


So I️ was giving my 1 month old baby a bath just barely and I️ was pouring water from the cup I️ have on her tummy and more that I️ expected came out and a lot of the water got into her mouth (her mouth was open) and she drank it. I️ instantly sat her up and patted her back cause I️ thought maybe she’d start coughing. But I️ don’t think she did cough. I️ literally can’t remember 🤦🏻‍♀️😭 she seemed fine until I️ took her out of the bath and she was screaming. While I️ was getting her dressed I️ usually put a pacifier in her mouth and she calms down. She wouldn’t calm down until I️ held her and made her bottle. I️ looked it up and heard of something called “delayed drowning/ dry drowning” now I’m freaking out because I️ can’t tell if she’s excessively sleepy because she sleeps all the time, she’s a newborn! Has anybody else’s newborn done this and been fine? Should I go to the emergency room because it’s 9 pm here and everything is closed. Please let me know!

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