Remedy for gas in my belly causing nausea?

AnnaMarie • I`m AnnaMarie. Married 10/14/2017, and our son was born 7/20/2018. 💙

Okay ladies, I need some help. I’m 7w4d pregnant and SO NAUSEOUS. I don’t think it’s normal nausea though, because the only reason I’m nauseous and vomiting in the first place is that I have so much gas in my belly! I’m constantly burping, but it never all comes up. Like I’ll burp, but I’ll still have more gas in my stomach that refuses to come up. If I try to force a burp, I gag. It’s better if I’m at a 45 degree angle, but I can’t sleep at that angle! It’s absolutely miserable when I try to go to bed at night and have to sit up every 5 minutes to try to burp. Is there any medicine or something I can take for this? Tums doesn’t help much, and ginger ale, while helping me burp, only goes so far. I should also note, I don’t think it’s a diet thing, I’m honestly eating the same I did before I was pregnant and I’ve never had this problem! Any advice is greatly appreciated. 🙌🏻