I’m not crazy!


So, a few days ago i had taken a pregnancy test. My period was almost 2 weeks late and i was super hopeful. I got a negative, but it wasn’t in the morning so i decided to take another. I got the most faint line ever. You can hardly even see it, but i did. Everybody told me there wasn’t a line, and the ones that did see a line, said it wasn’t dark enough and that it was just a evap in the test.

Although, they could be very right because of how faint the line is. Practically invisible, or non existent. I’m forced to wait a few more days to take another test to get an accurate result. its not 2:30am and my boyfriend is sound asleep for work in the morning. But i can’t shake the feeling and i can’t wait and i had no more pregnancy tests. I remember reading that an OPK test will sometimes test postive and stay positive if you’re pregnant. So here i am, 2:30am, in my bathroom sitting on the toilet waiting and watching the line get darker and darker. It’s been 3 minutes and it’s as dark as the test line. It’s taking everything in me not to go wake my boyfriend up and tell him that i KNOW i am pregnant and I’m NOT crazy. Baby dust to all (i will be taking another test in a few days just to confirm 100%)