Most turned on you’ve been without touching

What’s the most turned on you’ve been without being touched/touching yourself with a significant other?

For me, we were showing together and all hot and rubbing on each other, and I️ asked him to jerk himself off for me (usually he says no cause he feels all self conscious and weird about doing it in front of me) and he AGREED and I️ remember I️ bit my lip cause I️ already KNEW I️ was boutta be extra wet, and so I️ laid down on the shower floor and I️ was just looking up at him watching and he would make a couple of noises here and there and 😩 fuckkkk he would look at me and then all up and down my body and then tilt his head back and open his mouth like he was extra turned on, and he would go under the water and his hair was dripping wet and on his face and the way he was looking at me... wow it really looked like I️ was turning him on so much!! And when he came I was on my knees and he came all over me 😩 I️ was SO horned up during that, it was incredible, and just from him stroking himself and looking at me like that. Tell me your stories!!!!