34 + 1 at the hospital, water broke and in labor *UPDATE*


Well.. it all started last month at 29 weeks with pre term labor. Got that all fixed and sent home. My water broke at about 9 last night!! Went into the hospital and they said because I'm 34 weeks they will let my labor progress. I was 3 cm when checked but my contractions haven't gotten any stronger so they are starting me in pitocin soon 😳 wish me luck!!! We will soon have our January baby boy in our arms.. Christmas present I suppose ❤️

*** Our handsome little boy made his grand entrance this afternoon! Just about 20 minutes before he arrived I declared I didn't think I could do it with out an epidural like I want to 😂 at that very moment I realized it was to late and he was coming out!!!

He is 4lbs 6 oz and didn't need any oxygen, got to spend 1 hour skin to skin where he latched like a champ - sure wish I had milk to help him out! Daddy went off to the nicu with him, he ended up with low blood sugar and needed an IV but nothing extra beyond that so far!