Am I ridiculous? What would you do??

Sorry this is a long story. Our neighbor is a SAHM and has always been super nice. We moved in around the same time and a couple months ago we agreed on having her provide childcare in April. They adopted their daughter so their house was inspected and approved by an agency and she watches a few other kids on our street.

I was feeling really good about the decision until a few nights ago. We were driving home and the road is 50mph. The person behind us was going like 30(which I do think is frustrating and I’d be irritated about). The person behind them started flashing their lights and swerving into the lane to pass them when it wasnt safe. They turn into our neighborhood behind us.

Were going 20 when we turn onto our road (limit is 25) but its dark and icy out. We’re almost to our house and the person is flashing their brights and honking at us. My husband slows to pull into our driveway. They swerve in front of us and brake check us a couple times, then speed off. According to our security camera, its our super nice neighbor.

Now I’m wondering if we should still have her watch our son once he’s here...but maybe I’m being ridiculous for basing it off this experience?? It just makes me nervous.

What would you do?