Due date Dec 24th **Born Dec 14th**


At about 1:30am on the 14th of Dec. I started having alot of pressure and cramps that were pretty painful. I didn't want to head to the hospital because I had already been sent home several times due to not dilating with my contractions so I tried to deal with the pain. I took a hot shower and then walked around my house to try to help ease the pain. 3am rolled around and I couldn't handle the pain anymore so my husband started getting our other kids ready to go to a family members house and we headed to the hospital. We arrived and were admitted asap at 4am and I was given my epidural by 5am (i was screaming in pain so they got it to me pretty fast) I was checked and was only at 3cm and 70% so we just waited. At 8am I was checked and was still the same so my Dr broke my water and we waited some more. I was checked again at 10am and still wasn't making any progress so they started me on pitocin. A few more hours went by and I wasn't making progress so they kept upping my pitocin. It felt like she would never come 😣 I finally fell asleep for a while and got some rest. I was checked at 2:30pm and was finally making some prohress, I was finally at 5cm and 80% 🤗 I flipped over onto my left side and was about to go back to sleep when I had a really strong contraction with the urge to push, and then a minute late another contraction with the urge to push and yet another so I had my husband page my nurse and she came it to check me at 2:45pm. After 13 hours of labor I was finally at a 10, within fifteen minutes I went from a 5 to a 10 holy crap right? LOL Right at that minute my Dr was walking in to check on me and ended up staying because I was finally having my baby. They got me all ready and up in the stirrups and ready to push by 3pm...here's the crazy part....drum roll please...I pushed one time and the Dr did some turning on the baby and she was born at 3:03pm 🤗🤗 7lbs 3oz beautiful baby girl was finally here!!