The POAS Craving is Strong


I am 11 days DPO and am really wanting to test. How many people got their BFP at that point? I would be overjoyed with a very faint line. Wondering if I should just wait it out and see if I miss my period.....


So I had a spot of brown blood when I went to use the restroom earlier today.... thought well, I guess I am out.... then nothing.... went to pee tonight, another small spot of brown.... still nothing.... not sure what is going on..... Do I log it in my app as I started? Does that count? I'm not actually bleeding yet.... it's weird.

Update #2:

Day 2, no AF yet. Got a BFN on the dollar store cheapie test, still no AF. One more time of of the brownish spotting. Pictured below.... sorry if TMI....

Called my OBGYN and I am going in Thursday for blood work if I don't start by Thursday morning, since that will be day #4 of being late....

Update #3:

AF finally showed.... so I am out for this month..... :(