my husband.... UPDATE


I'm so friggen blessed.... No, he's never cheated,wronged,hurt or upset me. we are a match made in heaven and have been since the first night we laid eyes on eachother... a love so real that when i get that butterfly/churn feeling in my stomach and teary eyed just because I'm so happy and in love with my husband... what's crazy is, he gere the same feelings and will tell me before I even mention it. He's my legit best friend. we do every freaking thing together and never get tired of one another. we are a 50/50 team with such a right bond that not many people in this world will ever get the blessing of feeling and living. There are still good God fearing, momma loving, women respecting, good ol backwoods MEN out there, find ya a good one❤💋

This is one of our nephews, we've been ttc for 3 yrs