First lap down... fertility specialist next

Randi • I’m 28 and TTC baby #1 👶🏼🙏🏾

Hi ladies, so I just had my lap yesterday however, I don’t know a lot about what my doctor found. But my husband did say that she did find endometriosis but it’s not severe and she didn’t give a stage. And I did have two cyst on my right ovary that seemed to go away on their own so she didn’t have to remove them (thank god!!!). My husband did say that she said she found a lot of polyps but she said she couldn’t get them all because she didn’t have the right equipment. I’m a little confused on that so I won’t get to ask more about that until my follow up in two weeks. But she said my ovaries looked good when she spoke with my husband. I hate that I have to wait to get more answers on what she saw.

I’m hoping this will help us conceive. Anyone with a similar journey?