hubby says im not "ALLOWED" to work 😡


i love my job, and i love my husband, and i love my kids, but i really love my job and that time that i get to take my kids to daycare and be away from them for a few hours... i know that sounds totallyy awful but i have no shame. my worktime is my time i get to be kid free and i cherish it and my husband has informed me that after having this baby he thinks i need to quit my job and become a stay at home mom. my job means so much to me, i worked soo hard to get where i am and to achieve the goals i have. im a partner cpa at an accounting firm and im very good at what i do, i built that place from the ground up and im having major reservations about letting it go. and leaving entails quite alot, i would need to find someone to take my partners job and then my partner would then take mine 💔 im so devastated, but my family should be more important than my career right? i always thought of myself as a working mom and ive been totally okay with that as thats just who i am and for me to now put that down and to take on being a stay at home mom sounds awful, ya it sounds bad but its how i feel. i never wanted to be a stay at home mom and i never will, i love working. and now i feel my life as i know it is coming to an end. im probably being dramatic as hell but no one really understands what im going through. and i should be grateful for my husband that he also has a career that pays well enough that we can still live our cushy life on just his income but im not, and i dont feel that way. i feel like hes forcing me to do something i dont want to do.