Finally my turn....

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Ah! Finally my turn to tell my birth story!! I can’t believe it. So here we go, I had been having inconsistent contractions ever since 33 weeks of pregnancy. Nothing I could time but, significant enough to stop me in my tracks. I continued to work and go on about my life then, November 30th at 2:00 am, I had the most sharp pain I’ve ever felt but, still inconsistent as crap which irritated me so bad. I worked up until the 29th, keep that in mind. So all day that Thursday inconsistent sharp pains that just quite honestly I was so pissed off about. I got home from my mother’s house. Me and fiancé put our Christmas tree up that I picked up from my mom’s, then I took a shower and tried to get comfy in bed but, I just couldn’t. Those sharp pains got closer and closer together. I was in so much pain, I told my fiancé “get the bags we’re going in”. By this time, it’s 2:00 am 12/1/17. I’m at the hospital, contractions 4-5 minutes apart, 2 cm dilated, and -3 station. Progressing but, not enough to be admitted. They told me “you can walk around for an hour, or you can go home” I WALKED OF COURSE DUH. Walked for an hour, checked again, 3.5 cm dilated, still -3 station. They couldn’t even tell if baby was head down, they had to ultrasound scan to make sure. I was admitted. Get to L&D;, had my water broken at 7:40 am and started on Pitocin. Instant agony. Mind you, I WANT THE MOST NATURAL BIRTH I COULD GET. My choice. My L&D; nurse was great and so supportive. We tried everything we could... birthing ball (couldn’t stay on it because my son had so much hair the internal heart rate monitor wouldn’t read right), hands and knees (I couldn’t do it. It was hell trying to hold myself up.) By 12:00 pm, I’m at 9.5 cm and stuck there. I was stuck there for an HOUR. How awful. I only got two doses of Nubain.. the first one helped me sleep through contractions, the second? NOTHING it hurt so bad. 1:39 pm 12/1/17 my son was born 7lbs 11oz of pure handsomeness and a head full of hair. It was pure bliss. I got 15 stitches. My son was completely worth every bit of it though 💙

Meet Everett James Vercher

1:39 pm 12/1/17

7lbs 11oz

20 inches long


OH.... and side note, he was born just TEN exact minutes after Jason Aldean’s son! Lol