Frustrated and stuck

My husband and I have had problems our entire marriage. But now we just signed a new two year lease, i am having a baby soon and all he can talk about is moving to florida. We moved back to PA from where he is from so I could finish school. I stay at home with my step kids, and go to school full time. He works and makes all the money but he makes sure I know that. Every time he gets mad he tells me to give him all his money. And just recently I gave him $400 and 200 of it disappeared. I asked What happened he said “I hate it here so I spent it on activities I like to do get over it”. I am so frustrated! Why would he spend all that money when we could be buying the kids Christmas gifts. Not to mention we have no internet or cable so I am home all day with the kids cleaning or sitting on the bed. I’m so upset. The reason I don’t spend money (if I ever have any) is because there is always something the kids need or the household. He has always been like this with money. So I asked him if I could manage it and he take what he wants for the week he said no because He won’t be controlled by me. I’m fed up