Creepy sleep talking partner

Kirsty • I`m Kirsty I`m 23 year old with 2 beautiful daughters ❤️❤️

So right now I’m so freaked out! 😭

So my partner randomly started talking in his sleep he sat up lit a cig and don’t smoke it, he sat up against the head board with his eyes open staring at me with a big massive smile like the joker and doing a creepy laugh saying “I know something you don’t know” then carried on too ask if “I wanna play a game” I said no he went “everybody loves game” but also with the creepy smile and laugh 😩😭 he was looking at me so evil with such angry like he wanted too hurt me didn’t look like him, I tried too wake him but he grabbed hold of my arm digging his nails in and laughing staring at me. He let go and laid back down and turn towards me grabbing my leg and digging his nails in again. He came round 5 mins later and woke up with a massive headache and Iv told me everything and he don’t remember, my partner has done it before and tried suffocating me ect I’m really scared when this happens he’s always had sleep paralyse, also sometimes see this figure black clocked figure I’m really paranoid and scared makes it worse because I can see how scary it is also I have a baby, so I’m mainly scared towards her, has he’s said some un real stuff in his sleep before I don’t no what else too do 😭😩😩 I’m so scared I could cry I don’t even wanna sleep next too him anymore I don’t even wanna move or get out of bed please and advice!