Does anyone’s baby have acid reflux or GERD?

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Just looking to do some process of elimination! And yes, we’ve been to the doc and have plans on going back.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter started spitting up more than she normally has in the past. As of this past week, it’s gotten increasingly worse. She’s started to spit up more frequently and in larger amounts, and sometimes is projectile vomiting as opposed to a spit up.

Our entire household has gone through having this crazy stomach bug that’s going around so we took her to the doc out of fear that she might have gotten it too since things had gotten worse. The doc however didn’t say if she did or didn’t have this stomach bug because it’s hard to say. Especially since my daughter has been so happy and acts like she’s completely unphased. Our son was colicky as a newborn, so we know what it looks like to have an unhappy baby due to colic/gas issues. She is not acting like this AT ALL! And us as adults having that stomach bug! It was awful! There’s no way she would be that happy having that kind of a bug!

Is it at all possible that my daughter could have acid reflux or GERD without showing signs of discomfort? We’re going back to the doc on Monday to see if they can help since she’s been having such large spitting up spells for over 5 days.

Side note: my diet hasn’t changed at all! So my milk shouldn’t be effecting her. We’ve recently started giving her 2 ounces at a time every 2 hours. Smaller, more frequent feedings seem to be more helpful than trying to give her a full 4-5 ounces at a time every 3 hours. We give her infant probiotic and she has plenty of wet diapers.

Any help? Any advice? Anyone??? 😫