when will it stop??

so I recently got the liletta IUD a little less than a month ago. it'll be a month on the 25. I've been bleeding and spotting ever since. the bleeding has subdued to spotting and light bleeding but it's still bleeding. daily. I want to have sex and my bf and I have something scheduled after Christmas (he's busy) and I want to be able to have sex without worrying about the blood. blood freaks him out so he is not down for period sex and I just crave him and I want to be eaten out but he won't go near it since I'm still bleeding (light, spotting). is there anything I can do? any medication I can get from a doctor or foods that I can eat to make the bleeding stop? I know this is short notice but I really want to have sex with my bf and he hasn't eaten me out in months (I've been on different birth controls and they have messed with my period- nuvaring, Depo).