Unknown Answer?

Nina • Proud mommy

Okay so since I had my daughter back in April 2016. I have gained a lot of weight. 280lbs. to 316lbs. Stress, bad eating habits, laziness are all factors. It's caused changes such as I've noticed before no spotting now I spot and have almost every time around ovulation. Pelvic pain. Newer symptoms, like boil type sores developing right before I get my period on inner labia and when I pee getting stabbing like pains right before I'm done. It's only happening days before and or during my period. It is extremely uncomfortable, I've even been trying to drink more water instead of sweets. Has anyone else experience these symptoms and had a diagnosis? I was wondering if I had a cyst or something. I know only Dr can say for sure but just thought I'd see if any of them sounded familiar.